3 Dimensional Wealth

A Radically Sane Perspective on Wealth Management

Monroe Diefendorf

By todays standards, wealth is generally measured by ones financial status. In 3 Dimensional Wealth, veteran financial advisors Monroe M. Diefendorf, Jr and Robert Sterling Madden offer a radically sane perspective on wealth that reveals how tangible assets such as money, property, and possessions are only one aspect of wealth. The 3 Dimensional Wealth premise is simple: replace preconceived notions of wealth with a more encompassing perspective that includes personal (who you are), financial (what you have), and social (how you make a difference) dimensions for a total measurement of your life. The authors reveal how to transition your life from a traditional one-dimensional approach concerning wealth to a three dimensional life that has greater significance. This self-discovery journey will challenge you to strive for a more meaningful existence.

Monroe "Roey" M. Diefendorf Jr., is the Founder of 3 Dimensional Wealth International, a certified financial planner, a chartered life underwriter, a certified investment management analyst, and a contributing author to Wealth: Enhancement & Preservation and 21st Century Wealth.