About Jenga

The Remarkable Business of Creating a Game that Became a Household Name

Leslie Scott

A pile of wooden bricks launches this business adventure - full of insights into invention, branding, and marketing - from the creator of Jenga, one of the worlds most popular games. The millions of readers who have played the game of Jenga will be drawn to this previously untold story of its creation and its creator, and business readers will want to know the secret behind launching one of the best known brands in the world.

Readers will make enlightening connections to their own business experiences as they learn how certain ideas make their way from an inventors brain to retail shelves worldwide. About Jenga, an entertaining story filled with true business lessons and hilarious anecdotes, demonstrates the creativity and resolve required to make a unique idea work.

Leslie Scott is a professional game designer, entrepreneur , and the founder of Oxford Games. In a career spanning over twenty-five years in the toy and gift business, Scott has designed, published, and marketed some forty games. Her portfolio includes the phenomenally successful Jenga and the perennial favorites Ex Libris, Anagram, and Bookworm. Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Scott grew up in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. She now lives in Oxford, England, and Laikipia, Kenya, with her husband and their two children