• April 1, 2007
  • Health & Fitness
  • $27.95
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13: 9780966007879
  • Trim: 5.5in × 8.5in

The Fertile Female

How the Power of Longing for a Child Can Save Your Life and Change the World

Julia Indichova

In the past two decades, the number of fertility clinics in the U.S. has increased by 900 percent. Helping women conceive has become a $3 billion a year industry. At the same time, the majority of high-tech procedures an estimated 75 percent fail to produce results. Written by a woman whose expertise grew from an extensive counseling practice as well as personal experience, The Fertile Female addresses fertility in a new way, encompassing alternative medicine and mind-body therapies that may tip the scales in favor of conception. Writing in a compassionate voice and including experiences with some of the hundreds of women she's worked with in the past 15 years, Julie Indichova addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of achieving fertility.

Julia Indichova's work and story have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Oxygen, and in Health Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. She is the author of Inconceivable.