Published Podcast Episode 14 | Interview with Books-a-Million Buyer Margaret Terwey about Book Sales & Distribution

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We have a great episode for you today, featuring an interview with Margaret Terwey, Senior Buyer at Books-A-Million. We'll be talking about brick-and-mortar bookstore distribution and what book buyers are looking for. Listen to the full episode below or check out the highlights below. 

Published Podcast Ep. 12 | All About Book Publicity with Sandy Smith of Smith Publicity

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When authors are getting ready to launch their books, publicity can be a big factor in book sales. The publisher and author create the push that gets the book onto the bookstore shelves, while the publicity team creates the pull that brings consumers in to pick the book up off the bookstore shelf. 

Published Podcast Ep. 11 | Interview with Melissa Joulwan and David Humphreys, Author and Photographer of Well Fed Weeknights

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Today's episode features Melissa Joulwan and David Humphreys, author and photographer of Well FedWell Fed 2, and the newly released Well Fed Weeknights! Mel and Dave, as we'll refer to them, explain how distribution into bookstores can be a game-changer and offer advice for authors beginning to distribute their books.

Published Podcast Ep. 8 | Interview with John Blumberg, Author of Return on Integrity

In this episode of Published, we're switching things up a little. So far, we've been interviewing industry experts about specific areas of writing and publishing a book. We're excited to announce that we will be adding some author interviews into the mix. We'll focus in on one aspect of their publishing experience and provide advice for first-time authors. 

Published Podcast Ep. 7 | All Things Book Rights—Copyright, Foreign Rights, Subsidiary Rights

One of the main reasons authors opt to work with hybrid publishers is to be able to maintain the rights to their book. For that reason, we decided to take a closer look at rights — copyright, foreign rights, and subsidiary rights — and what authors should know about them when negotiating deals with publishers. 

Our guest in this episode is Sujan Trivedi, the General Counsel to Greenleaf Book Group.*