Book Marketing

How to Sell Your Book Online: Insider’s Edition

What are the three keys to building a strong online sales strategy?

Discoverability. Awareness. Action.

There are a multitude of ways to promote your book online. A strong foundation for your book marketing campaign should include tactics to promote discoverability, awareness, and action. Build discoverability by optimizing your book to ensure that readers are able to find it. Create awareness by building conversation, buzz, and reviews for your book. And, finally drive action that encourages readers to buy your book.

How to Continue Driving Book Sales after Publication

In the process of publishing a book, the publication date can often be viewed as the end goal. But for a book to truly be successful and have staying power in the market, it’s important to see beyond the publication date. During the lead-up to publication and surrounding publication, there will be a flurry of marketing, promotion, and publicity. But what do you do after the initial fireworks to keep your book top-of-mind with readers?

5 Reasons Video Gives Authors a Competitive Edge

When Google bought YouTube in 2006, the platform skyrocketed to prominence. The subsequent proliferation of video into a daily information-sharing tool is evidenced in today’s ease of capturing, viewing, and sharing videos in the social media sphere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat all offer the ability to stream live video to your followers. The serious investment made in video by these social sharing giants has cemented the importance of the medium to building brand awareness.

Your Newsletter: The Golden Ticket

The process of launching a book into the market and positioning it for success among the competition can seem like a daunting task for many authors. There are so many components and moving parts to think of that many authors find themselves feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. While there is no one thing that will guarantee success, there is a golden ticket that will get you through the door to reaching readers and building a loyal and engaged followership: the newsletter.