Published Podcast Ep. 21 | Launching an Online Mastermind Group with Ann Sheybani and Walt Hampton

If you've ever considered launching your own mastermind group, or you're not sure what a mastermind group is, today's episode is for you! We're chatting with book-writing coach Ann Sheybani and performance coach Walt Hampton, founders of The Summit Mastermind, about the process and experience of leading a mastermind group.

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Published Podcast Ep. 20 | How to Launch an Online Learning Course with Stacy Ennis

One question we often get here at Greenleaf is, "Should I launch an online learning course?" For many, it can be a great way to further monetize their book's content. But how do you know if it's right for you? To help us out, we've enlisted Stacy Ennis, an author, creative consultant, and strategic wordsmith. Stacy launched her course Finish That Book! recently and will walk us through the steps she took to do so. 

Note: 3 sample chapters from our host Tanya Hall's upcoming book, Ideas, Influence, and Income are available for download below. 

Published Podcast Episode 18 | Launching a Blog with Corrin Foster

In today's episode, we are excited to interview Corrin Foster, Greenleaf's Director of Marketing & Branding, about why authors should consider blogging and how they can get started. Corrin regularly coaches authors on how to build their author platforms and ran a successful blog for fifteen years. 

Published Podcast Episode 16 | Event Planning for Authors with Ashland Viscosi of Creatives Meet Business

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In today's episode, we're answering questions like, should I host an event to launch my book? How can I sell books at my event? What kind of event should I host? And how should I handle sponsorships? 

Answering these questions is Ashland Viscosi, owner of Creatives Meet Business. Creatives Meet Business (CMB) is an event and podcast series in Austin for creatives to define themselves as “artists” and “creatives” AND “small business owners” and “entrepreneurs.”

Published Podcast Episode 15 | Interview with Peter Winick of Thought Leadership Leverage

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This episode is packed with valuable information for aspiring thought leaders. In it, we interview Peter Winick of Thought Leadership Leverage. Peter has over 20 years of experience working with thought leaders and corporate clients, and we're grateful to have him as a guest.