Stand Out. Get Noticed. Be Brilliant. Communicate Your Way to a Brighter Career

Gerry Lewis
SHINE. Stand Out. Get Noticed. Be Brilliant is the brainchild of Gerry Lewis. In it, Lewis documents what he has learned and what others have shared with him over the past 30 years about communicating, about connecting with people, and about how we can become better in our day-to-day lives. In SHINE, Lewis divulges the soft skills and tactics that will allow you to communicate your way to a brighter career. These are not taught in school, and often not even in the workplace, and yet are essential for success. Unlike some other business guides that are full of jargon and unrealistic instructions, SHINE provides simple and practical advice and tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately.
Gerry Lewis Inc. ( specializes in helping organizations define, design, develop and deliver communications strategies to audiences worldwide. He has worked with such international organizations as The World Bank, Toronto Centre and The Financial Stability Institute, as well as national organizations including Scotiabank, Canada Post Corporation, CP Rail, Toronto Financial Services Alliance, General Electric, Loblaws Companies Limited and Rogers Communication Inc.