• April 18, 2018
  • Political Science
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Winning Practices of Government and Enterprise

Mark W. Bitz

What causes some populations to flourish and others to subsist?

​What practices create the most effective governments and enterprises?

How do we bridge our cultural divide?

Author Mark Bitz has been thinking about these questions for over forty years. The answers to them have been millions of years in the making. They come from the evolution of life, the human condition, our Judeo-Christian heritage, scientific findings, the American experiment, and numerous cultures. They involve certain perspectives and practices and their prevalence within populations. Bitz has found the answers to these questions in the one thousand books that he has read and the fifty states and over forty countries that he has visited. 
This book describes the Winning Practices that lead to effective governments and enterprises. The three other Flourish books describe the Winning Perspectives and Practices that more fully answer the questions and improve the effectiveness of individuals, families, groups, and education. 

Mark W. Bitz is a successful entrepreneur, author, and community leader. Mr. Bitz was president of Plainville Farms. Under his tenure, the company won awards from the American Culinary Institute and to receive the American Humane Association. In 2007, Mr. Bitz sold the company and then cofounded the Northeast’s largest organic crop operation, Central New York Feeds, Inc.
Bitz received his BS in economic development from Purdue University and earned his MS in agricultural economics from Cornell University, where he also and completed the coursework and exams toward a PhD in public policy analysis.
Bitz has published one book before the Flourish series, Creating a Prosperous New York State: Making Elected Officials Accountable for New York’s Performance Relative to Other States.
Mark resides in Naples, Florida, with his wife, Leokadia. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and a granddaughter.