How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

In this video, we'll discuss the difference between platform development, marketing, and publicity. All three are key components for a successful book promotion strategy.

Let’s start with platform development.

In publishing, an author’s reputation is the single most important factor in a book buyer’s decision. It’s more important than the content alone. And it’s even more important than how and where an author chooses to publish.

Platform development is how an author establishes himself or herself as an expert, builds and engages with their audience, and deepens those relationships by creating value for their community.

This can be done through a variety of initiatives, including a well though-out brand and social media strategy, websites, videos and book trailers, speaking engagements, newsletters, ancillary content such as workbooks and case studies, reading group guides and author Q&As, and most importantly, regular and genuine community interaction.

Marketing builds off of the foundation of your platform.

Marketing builds off your platform by leveraging your community and extending your messaging to the industry and consumers to build buzz and demand for your book.

For each Greenleaf title, we build a customized campaign that includes a thoughtful combination of genre, online, industry, and supply chain marketing based on the author’s goals and the reader demographic we’re targeting.

Genre marketing is focused on exposing our author’s books to their core audiences and maximizing awareness among like-minded readers. Genre-specific initiatives can include targeted advertising, book club promotions, award submissions, content syndication, and more.

Our online marketing initiatives are centered around reaching consumers through current online traffic trends for your book’s genre and subject matter, increasing your book’s visibility on Amazon, connecting with bloggers, and advertising on appropriate websites.

Industry and supply chain marketing concentrates on connecting with retailers, book buyers, and industry professionals in order to maximize distribution, leverage the demand generated by the genre and online marketing, and directly influence sales. These marketing programs include outreach to bookstores and libraries, email and print advertisements to increase industry awareness, and advertising partnerships with wholesalers like Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Publicity is the final piece of the puzzle.

While Greenleaf does not offer publicity or media relations services, we work closely with publicists whose job it is to secure meaningful local and national media coverage in the form of radio and television interviews, online features, newspaper and magazine articles, and book reviews. Your publicist may also help you coordinate speaking engagements and book signings.

The lines of communication should be wide open between platform development, marketing, and publicity so opportunities can be identified and demand tied to distribution efforts to make sure your book is available when and where consumers want it.

At Greenleaf, we recommend a cohesive platform, marketing, and publicity strategy to maximum the potential of your brand and book. All of our platform development and marketing services are custom recommendations, specific to your book , in order to help achieve your goals as an author.