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Published — A Podcast by Greenleaf Book Group

We're happy to announce a new podcast by Greenleaf Book Group called Published! We're a hybrid publisher and distributor celebrating our 20th anniversary. In this podcast, hosted by Greenleaf CEO Tanya Hall, we will talk about all things publishing and the particulars of writing and launching a book. 

Published Podcast Ep. 6 | Designing a Book Cover

In today's episode, we'll be talking all about book covers, from what makes them successful to the designer's process for arriving at a finished cover. Neil Gonzalez, the Art Director here at Greenleaf Book Group, will be joining us to share his insights.

Published Podcast Ep. 05 | Proof of Concept & Knowing Your Audience

In this episode, we'll be focusing on understanding your message and why you should be the one sharing it. We'll be using the building blocks we discussed in the previous episode to create a full strategy with Brand Strategist Karina Keating. 

Published Podcast Ep. 04 — Establishing an Author Brand, part II

This is the second of a two-part series on Author Branding. Part I can be found here

In this episode, we'll be doing a deeper dive into the components of an author brand, like website, social media, newsletter, etc. Brand Strategist Sam Alexander joins the show again to discuss the author brand in more detail. 

Published Podcast Ep. 3 — Establishing an Author Brand, part I

This is the first of a two-part series on establishing an author brand with Brand Strategist, Sam Alexander. Part II can be found here

So why does an author brand matter? An author brand can really make or break the success of a book and is so important that Greenleaf built out a branding team to help authors with it. On that team is Sam Alexander, whose goal is to help authors understand their message and strategize how to bring that to their audience in the best way possible. 

Published Podcast Ep. 1 — Gearing Up to Write The Book

Welcome to the very first episode of Published! The purpose of this podcast is to bring some clarity to the journey of writing a book and give you the tools to launch the book to your readers. 

Hosted by Tanya Hall, the CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, Published will dive into a different aspects of publishing in each episode. 

What are my Publishing Options

You’ve worked hard developing your manuscript or book proposal; now it’s time to decide how you will get your book out into the world. There are several different options; deciding which path is right for you will depend on your career goals, writing topic, potential market, and resources.  

Here we will break down each of the three primary publishing options, along with their pros and cons, to help you find the right approach for you.