Published — A Podcast by Greenleaf Book Group

We're happy to announce a new podcast by Greenleaf Book Group called Published! We're a hybrid publisher and distributor celebrating our 20th anniversary. In this podcast, hosted by Greenleaf CEO Tanya Hall, we will talk about all things publishing and the particulars of writing and launching a book. 

Published Podcast Ep. 21 | Launching an Online Mastermind Group with Ann Sheybani and Walt Hampton

If you've ever considered launching your own mastermind group, or you're not sure what a mastermind group is, today's episode is for you! We're chatting with book-writing coach Ann Sheybani and performance coach Walt Hampton, founders of The Summit Mastermind, about the process and experience of leading a mastermind group.

Note: Our host Tanya Hall's book, Ideas, Influence, and Income, is available now! Learn more at ideasinfluenceandincome.com.