Book Marketing

Excerpt: Maintain Your Audience After Launch

The launch of a book, or any product, can earn a lot of attention from the media, industry colleagues, and the public in general. Debut launches done right are sexy and full of potential, bringing with them opportunities for feature stories, author profiles, “ones to watch” lists, and so on.

After the shiny launch veneer has worn off, how do you remain on the radar of the influencers who can help your brand grow?

How to Sell Your Book Online: Insider’s Edition

What are the three keys to building a strong online sales strategy?

Discoverability. Awareness. Action.

There are a multitude of ways to promote your book online. A strong foundation for your book marketing campaign should include tactics to promote discoverability, awareness, and action. Build discoverability by optimizing your book to ensure that readers are able to find it. Create awareness by building conversation, buzz, and reviews for your book. And, finally drive action that encourages readers to buy your book.