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Excerpt: Maintain Your Audience After Launch

The launch of a book, or any product, can earn a lot of attention from the media, industry colleagues, and the public in general. Debut launches done right are sexy and full of potential, bringing with them opportunities for feature stories, author profiles, “ones to watch” lists, and so on.

After the shiny launch veneer has worn off, how do you remain on the radar of the influencers who can help your brand grow?

How to Continue Driving Book Sales after Publication

In the process of publishing a book, the publication date can often be viewed as the end goal. But for a book to truly be successful and have staying power in the market, it’s important to see beyond the publication date. During the lead-up to publication and surrounding publication, there will be a flurry of marketing, promotion, and publicity. But what do you do after the initial fireworks to keep your book top-of-mind with readers?

How to Connect with Influencers to Market Your Book

Just like knowing the right people in business can help you reach your professional goals, having the right people support your book is invaluable to building awareness and credibility. But how do you get influencers to share your book with their followers, peers, and other potential readers? Here are a few tips for connecting with influencers to help publicize your book.

Securing Consumer Reviews

So, you’ve finally got your printed book in your hands after months (if not years) of painstakingly pouring yourself into it. Want people to like your work and give it positive reviews, but aren’t sure how to go about getting them? Here are a few key tips for getting readers to review your book.