Inc. Contributor Articles

Inc. Contributor Articles

As a contributor to Inc., Greenleaf Book Group CEO, Tanya Hall, provides expert guidance on creating compelling content and marketing tactics that will help authors establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. Drawing upon decades of experience in media and book publishing, Tanya advises on the role a book plays in a larger brand and provides custom content strategies for long-term business growth and audience building.

The goal is to empower entrepreneurs and thought leaders to leverage their ideas into influence and income. Click the links below to read full articles.

How to Write Your Book in a Matter of Months
The best manuscript isn't perfect—it's complete.

Why One-to-Ones Should Not be Skipped
5 reasons why "my door is always open" isn't enough.

Why a Ghostwriter is an Asset to Your Brand
With the help of a great ghostwriter, the book writing process can make you a stronger thought leader.

Keep Your Company in the Spotlight After Launch
When the launch is complete, keep the buzz going with these tips. 

How to Know if Writing a Book is the Right Move
6 questions to ask yourself before putting pen to paper. 

How to Overcome the 2 Biggest Obstacles to Creativity
Here are fool-proof solutions to encourage creativity and productivity.

10 Cheap and Simple Steps to Happy Employees
Money can't buy happiness. Listen to your team and show them gratitude to create a healthy and happy company culture.

3 Secrets to Connecting With Your Growing Staff 
Leaders need to connect with lower-level employees even in times of explosive growth. Here's how to accomplish it.

The Most Important Content Trend for 2017
Here are 4 tips to make sure your content resonates with readers.

Why The End-of-Year Evaluation Isn't Dead 
Performance evaluations can add value. But you need to start planning on January 1.