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As a contributor to Inc., Greenleaf Book Group CEO, Tanya Hall, provides expert guidance on creating compelling content and marketing tactics that will help authors establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. Drawing upon decades of experience in media and book publishing, Tanya advises on the role a book plays in a larger brand and provides custom content strategies for long-term business growth and audience building.

The goal is to empower entrepreneurs and thought leaders to leverage their ideas into influence and income. Click the links below to read full articles.

How to Demonstrate Your Workplace Culture
Having a strong workplace culture not only attracts talent but also drives engagement, creativity, and happiness in the office.

Skill Fade Is Claiming Victims, Here's How to Avoid It
Don't wait until a threat is on the horizon to invest in yourself. Make your own learning and development a priority.

How to Improve Your Productivity With 8 Simple Hacks
Whether you're running an established organization or bootstrapping a startup, it's critical to make the best use of your time.

How to Strengthen Your Network with Executive Organizations
More than just networking, executive organizations typically provide peer support structured in regular meetings to provide learning opportunities, accountability, and access to resources and minds at the level you may need.

How to Lead High Impact Employee Evaluations
You're not setting out to simply give someone a grade. You're figuring out what they need to be successful.

This Is How to Boost Your Thought Leadership This Year
Lay a foundation for leadership by building your brand and platform in these content areas.

This Is Where Successful Influencers Should Look Next
You're a successful media influencer. Now it's time to take your entrepreneurship to the next level.

Have a Team That Struggles with Problem-Solving? This May Be Why
New research shows that groups who collaborate less often may be better at problem solving.

Daily Mind Breaks To Boost Focus
Your mind is your body's most powerful asset. Dedicate time to mindfulness daily to give it the break it deserves.

Boost Your Creative Content With These Podcasts
If you're working in content marketing, these podcasts can help you tackle writing, social media and digital strategy, general marketing, and more.

How to Save Your Business When Disaster Strikes
While it's hard to anticipate every disaster that might hit you, the are some steps you can take that will protect your business from massive operational interruption or lack of assets.

This Is Why Trust Is Critical for Creatives
When you lead a team of creative workers, it's important to communicate through conversation rather than command.

The New 80/20 Rule of Social Media Marketing
Creating your own ratio for social media that accelerates your brand strategy.

Don't Fall for This Myth About Young Entrepreneurs
Young entrepreneurs make headlines because they fall outside the norm of the business world, but that doesn't mean that 25 is the deadline for entrepreneurial success.

Is Your Platform Strong? Here's How to Find Out
Strong platforms are critical for thought leaders. Here's what a successful one looks like.

Stop Behaving This Way When You Negotiate
People think that a warm negotiation style will produce great results. Research says otherwise.

How to Benefit From a Standing Desk
Improve your focus, productivity, and health with this simple office fix.

Social Media Engagement to Boost Branding
5 tips to build your brand, create trust, and enhance your following through effective social media management

How to Self-Edit Yourself To Success
You won't always have time to get a second set of eyes on your writing. Here's how to edit yourself in a pinch.

Success Is a Marathon. Here's How to Win.

The path to success is paved with consistency.

Here Is How To Win At Facebook Marketing Without Breaking The Bank

The trick to effective Facebook marketing is to spend smarter, not more.

Five TED Talks To Get You Through Your Next Big Writing Project
Getting started writing can be the hardest part. Check out these talks to get you inspired.

How to Let Go Of An Outdated Requirement and Hire the Best
Job qualification comes in many forms, and a degree is not always an indicator of readiness.

How to Avoid the End-of-Summer Slump
When leaders slow down, so does everyone else. Use these tips to turn the end of summer into a productive fall.

You Can Be the Best Podcast Guest In Three Simple Steps
You can take simple steps to improve your podcast presence every time.

Ideas Are Money. Here's How to Protect Them.
A book is a culmination of your ideas, experiences, and insights. Make sure you know how to protect them.

How to Win Big With Airport Book Sales
Retail 101: Location, location, location.

Why Your Past Writing Is Even More Important Now
A content inventory is both a safety precaution and a source of new inspiration.

This Is How to Develop The Skill That Set Steve Jobs Apart
While other aspects of business are automated or relegated to artificial intelligence, speaking skills remain uniquely, humanly nuanced.

This Is The Key To Growing Your Business As An Expert
Before your consulting business begins to wear you out, think about bringing others on board to share your ideas.

How to Innovate, Even In A Small Company
Innovation doesn't have to happen at a grand scale to impact your company.

How to Keep Your Company Moving When Employees Leave
Before you suspect a coming departure, prepare your team to take on each other's roles at the drop of a hat.

The Secret All Waiters Know That You Should Use Today
Never underestimate the power of acknowledgment.

Negative Reviews Got You Down? Here's How to Bounce Back
Bad reviews will eventually happen to everyone. It's how you handle them that counts.

Why Your Publishing Path Matters, and How to Choose the Right One
The options for publishing your book can be overwhelming. Here's how to think critically about them.

What Happens When You Open Your Financials to Employees
Transparency can do wonders, but it can also bring challenges.

This Is the Key to Great Company Culture
Use these simple tips to encourage team members to be culture leaders, no matter their title.

Why Trying To Have It All Is A Waste Of Time
How to get clear on your values and prioritize them (when you can.)

This Is What An Expert Looks Like
On your path toward industry expert status, don't forget the basics.

How To Find The Superstar In Your Stack of Resumes
There are 3 essential factors to look for when hiring.

Delegation Will Make You a Stronger Leader
Delegation is the sure path to get your company running at optimal efficiency. Here's how to start doing it well.

It's Lonely At The Top. Here's How to Deal With It
Here's how to find peers who can relate to your challenges and offer advice.

This Is Why Alignment Is Your Word of the Year
Thought leaders, make sure your background is aligned with the content you're producing.

Don't Make These 4 Mistakes When Writing Your First Book
When it comes to publishing a book, here are some do's and don'ts to be aware of from the outset.

This Is How Leaders Manage Successful Projects
Here are three way to stay on top of high-level projects before they go off the rails.

How to Get the Most From On-Air Interviews
When you have the opportunity for a TV appearance, take full advantage of it.

Why You Need to Get Familiar With Emotional Hygiene Now
Why you (and your team) need to be emotionally healthy to grow.

Focus On This Simple Element To Boost Company Culture
Here are 3 ways to keep your team healthy and productive.

Here's How to Be a Master of Brainstorming
Here are 4 tips to get the most from brainstorm meetings.

The Most Important Job That's Not On Your Staff Page
The people who enhance your company from the inside out are your ever-valuable intrapreneurs. Here's how you can support them.

This Is The Skill Every Great Leader Needs
If you're leading all or part of a company, a to-do list may not cut it. Try these ideas to organize your priorities.

How Writing More Can Make You An Industry Leader
If you engage with readers on a regular basis, long form content can win the respect and loyalty of your audience.

How to Offer a Master Class in Solution Focused Thinking
Train your team to never present a problem without an idea to fix it.

How to Write Strong Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Read
There are three areas that need to be addressed in every email subject line, and when you cover them, with or without acronyms, your employees will inevitably save time.

The One Content Marketing Trend Everyone is Talking About in 2018
In 2018, the name of the game is personalization.

2018 Is the Year to Finally Write That Book. Here's How to Start
A solid outline is the first step toward finishing your book this year.

The Top Fitness Trends for 2018 Are In
Here are the projected winners and losers.

Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate Your Employees This Season
Try these low-cost options to bring holiday cheer into your workplace.

Need a Gift for a Leader? These Four Are Sure to Impress
If you want to show gratitude for a leader you respect and admire, these four gifts can make a big impression.

5 Simple Hacks to Improve Your Writing
Algorithms change, but good writing never does.

Cash in on Content Through Online Learning Programs
Here are 4 keys to ensure that your course is providing value.

Three Crazy Easy Ways to Thank Your Clients and Team This Year
Thanksgiving is a unique opportunity to show gratitude for your team and clients. Here's how to make the most of it.

Hemingway's Writing Tip That Will Save You Time and Energy
You don't need to move to Paris, but you should reread your work as you go.

A Simple Plan for Hiring the Best Candidate
Hiring doesn't need to be an over-the-top process.

Why Every Employee Needs a Mission Statement
Job responsibilities change over time. Make sure your employees can change, too.

Why Your Workout Routine is the Key to Your Success
Hint: It involves saying goodbye to lunch meetings.

What Kind of Speaker Are You?
There are key differences between keynote speeches and break-out sessions. Aspiring speakers should know where they fit.

How to Build Audience Loyalty Through Social Media
Here are 3 tips for bonding with your followers.

Overcome This Fear to Write a Breakthrough Business Book
Writing is hard, especially if you're afraid of editors. Use these tips to move past fear and form a solid partnership.

How to Send Yourself Back to School This Fall
Professional development is key to keeping up in a changing workforce.

How to Cross 'Writing a Book' Off Your Bucket List
Here are 3 surprising tips to help you start writing daily (and keep doing it.)

How to Start Your Mentorship Off Right
Mentorship isn't uncomfortable if it starts with a relationship.

This is the Genius Step You're Not Taking to Build Your Client Pipeline
Turn your focus to "faucets" and you'll see long-term results.

5 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast The popularity of podcasts continues to grow. Should you jump on board?

How to Make the Most of Mid-Year Reviews
With summer comes vacation, sunshine, and the dreaded mid-year review.

The 1 Thing You Must Learn From the Crazy Growth of Orangetheory Fitness
This new fitness craze is taking over, thanks to the idea of positive progress.

How to Use Positive Affirmations at Work
With practice, positive affirmations can become a game-changing work habit.

5 Apps That Will Help You Finish Writing Your Book
Use these tools to get organized, stay focused, and finish strong.

How to Use a Book to Support Your Brand (The Right Way)
A book can boost your brand. But it isn't a branded product.

Sheryl Sandberg Isn't a Fan of the Personal Brand
It might be time for a change in how we speak about personal branding.

Looking to Build a Speaking Career? Follow These Three Steps
Make the most of a speaking opportunity before, during and after the event.

Want to Be More Productive? These 6 Simple Workspace Changes Will Boost Your Focus
Can't get work done? Time to switch it up.

How to Buckle Down and Write Your Book
Every solid business has a mission statement and a vision, and a book is no different.

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy
Thinking beyond compensation as incentive to stay.

The One Factor That Helps CEOs Think Bigger

Growing your business requires vision and creativity. Here are 5 ways to boost your ability to think big.

6 Keys to Develop Your Reputation as an Expert
Effective leaders weave the company's vision into everyday operations. Here are four ways to do it.

Four Tips to Help Leaders Maintain Vision and Purpose Through Growth
Effective leaders weave the company's vision into everyday operations. Here are four ways to do it.

How to Know If You Have a Book or a Blog
Deciding the correct format for your content is harder than it seems.

How to Encourage Employees to Assume Best Intent
In a time when employees spend less time working face-to-face, coaching them toward a positive mindset is key.

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Publicity Campaign
A good publicity strategy can make all the difference.

How to Make Networking about More Than Handing Out Business Cards
For some people, networking comes naturally. For the rest of us, it can be daunting. Here are 6 tips to help you tackle your next event.

How to Empower Employees to Build Company Culture
When you have top talent, you want to keep them. Here are four ways they can help set your company's culture.

Writing Can Make You a More Influential Leader
Leaders set the standard for company communications. Make sure you're setting the bar high.

The Best Exercise for Getting to Know Your Audience
A 4-step process for developing author personas.

Getting the Best Work Out of Your Designers
Strong designs can have a big impact. Follow these 6 steps to make the process easier.

How to Write Your Book in a Matter of Months
The best manuscript isn't perfect—it's complete.

Why One-to-Ones Should Not be Skipped
5 reasons why "my door is always open" isn't enough.

Why a Ghostwriter is an Asset to Your Brand
With the help of a great ghostwriter, the book writing process can make you a stronger thought leader.

Keep Your Company in the Spotlight After Launch
When the launch is complete, keep the buzz going with these tips.

How to Know if Writing a Book is the Right Move
6 questions to ask yourself before putting pen to paper.

How to Overcome the 2 Biggest Obstacles to Creativity
Here are fool-proof solutions to encourage creativity and productivity.

10 Cheap and Simple Steps to Happy Employees
Money can't buy happiness. Listen to your team and show them gratitude to create a healthy and happy company culture.

3 Secrets to Connecting With Your Growing Staff
Leaders need to connect with lower-level employees even in times of explosive growth. Here's how to accomplish it.

The Most Important Content Trend for 2017
Here are 4 tips to make sure your content resonates with readers.

Why The End-of-Year Evaluation Isn't Dead
Performance evaluations can add value. But you need to start planning on January 1.

This is How Great Leaders Spend Their Holidays
Effective leaders set high standards for how they spend their time, even during the holidays.

How to Build Your Business Through Community
It takes a village to grow your company. Surround yourself with the right people.

Leaders, Facebook Wants to Know What You're Reading
Next time you sit down to watch another re-run, try spending that time with a novel instead.

How to Make Your Audience Love You
3 tips for building brand loyalty through social media.

How to Grow Your Business Through Strong Partnerships
A business development team focused on strategic partnerships plants seeds that can bear fruit for years to come.

How to Design an Office That Ignores Age
Not all millennials want a warehouse space, and not all baby boomers want their own office. Get a feel for the space your employees want to see your investment pay off.

How to Get the Right Kind of Feedback for Your Writing
Learning how to share your writing early can save you time later.

How to Get Rid of the Stupidest and Hardest Tasks in Your Day
All companies have inefficiency blind spots. Ask these two questions consistently to build a more efficient organization.

To Be More Successful Tomorrow, Sleep Tonight
A good night's rest can be your greatest resource. Here are 4 tips to improve your sleep routine.

The Leadership Lesson Hiding in Every Presidential Debate
Take note during the next presidential debate - this soft skill is critical for leadership success.

A Surprising Way to Make Your Writing Stronger
Using buzzwords can actually improve your content. Here are 3 ways to do it well.

The Key to Explosive Growth May Be Sitting Down The Hall
A strong group of intrapreneurs can push the company forward and amplify the execution of your own vision exponentially.

This Is How Successful Entrepreneurs Spend Their Time
Instead of chasing after perfect work-life balance, entrepreneurs should take the more flexible and forgiving approach of work-life flow.

10 Tips to Make You a Powerful Public Speaker Now
Preparation is key to being a successful speaker. These tips will help you hit a home run on your next speaking gig.

Why Putting Yourself First Is Best for Your Business
If you put your health and wellness at risk, you put the health of your company at risk.

5 Reasons Why So Many Entrepreneurs Do CrossFit
The biggest fitness trend in recent years attracts executives and entrepreneurs for good reasons.

4 Things Productive Entrepreneurs Do Every Day
Time management is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs. Here are four tips to help you juggle it all.

How Writing a Book Can Attract Your Perfect Customer
Customers and partners are most enthusiastic when they trust and connect with what you stand for.

How to Score Big Publicity for Your Business
With so many new products and services launching every day, a prime piece of media coverage can boost you into the spotlight.

4 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Changes Everything
Whether you are the leader of your company or just starting in your career, investing in your personal brand can be transformative.

The Secret to Motivating Millennials That Most Entrepreneurs Miss
Millennials crave a sense of purpose, but do you know what that means to them? Don't mistake greater good for organizational purpose.

4 Ways Busy Entrepreneurs Make Words Work Harder
Want to boost your visibility and maximize your time? Repurposing content helps you do both.

How to Push Past Fear and Share Your Ideas
Many entrepreneurs hold on to their ideas too tightly before launch. Here's how to move past fear and help your ideas thrive.

4 Simple Ways to Capture Your Customer's Attention
Tried and true tactics for staying high touch in our high tech world.

2 Lessons Every Leader Should Learn from Ronda Rousey's Knockout
Protect yourself and your company against unexpected threats.

5 Powerful Habits of the Most Influential Entrepreneurs
Want to achieve expert status? Start here.

4 Truths You Need to Know About Launching Something New
Take some of the risk out of your next product launch by asking yourself these strategic questions.

9 Things Successful Authors Do to Sell More Books
Prepare early to ensure that your book has the greatest possible impact for your business.

Forget Mission Statements. This is the Most Important Starting Point for New Leaders
When building a business, most entrepreneurs spend time on a mission statement, vision statement, and core values, but miss this critical step for day-to-day productivity and success.

The Secret Weapon Behind Every Best-Selling Book
Countless authors dream about having their book hit a bestseller list, but many miss this mission critical element to every bestseller strategy.

Want to Hire the Best? Take a Cue From This Legendary Rock Band
Entrepreneurs are "big idea" people who take the lead on building their own business, but when it comes to hiring, they need something different.

5 Ways the Smartest Entrepreneurs Build Million-Dollar Brands
An exceptional personal brand can lead you onto a million-dollar thought leader path.

The Top Interview Questions You Should Always Ask
Find the right employees by asking this simple question when hiring.

4 Foolproof Secrets to Designing a Successful Pitch
Refine your pitch to move your audience and close deals.

5 Clever Ways to Make Money on Ideas You Already Own
Repurpose your content to bring in new leads and revenue.