Book Distribution

Reach your audience through our established retail connections and international sales force.

We produce your book in various formats, so you're never far from the reader.

We have established relationships with brick-and-mortar book stores, including airport bookstores, and will work to find the best retail outlets for your audience.

We understand how important it is for you to reach your reader wherever they are. That's why we produce audio books for readers who want to listen to your book on the go.

Historically, the strongest barrier between independent authors and big sales has been book distribution. This divide has become even more expansive over the past decade as a result of consolidation in the industry. 

Greenleaf is dedicated to helping independent authors access a wide audience of readers. As a master distributor since 1997, we have established strong relationships with major wholesalers, bookstore chains, airport bookstores, independent booksellers, and other retail outlets — both domestic and international. Our sales team will champion your book to help you find the best retail outlets to sell your book.

We are known for representing the best in small and independent publishing. In addition to distributing the titles we publish, Greenleaf also selects a limited number of independently produced books for distribution each year. This selectivity allows us to design customized distribution plans and focus significant energy on the titles we take on, maximizing their sales potential. 

We can help you decide on a competitive price point, manage shipping and warehousing of books and get your work in front of the right audience. Our book distribution services are designed to establish a partnership that supports your growth and helps you achieve your unique goals. 

Our distribution pathways include

  • traditional book retailers and wholesalers,
  • airport bookstores,
  • specialty retailers,
  • libraries, and
  • e-books and audio books.

Our Imprints

When we accept a title for publication or distribution, we assign it to one of our imprints. Though production work is the same for all imprints, our imprint recommendation determines our distribution and marketing strategies, which are based on genre, author platform, and demand-generation plan. 

Greenleaf Book Group Press

We accept under 10% of the submissions we receive for Greenleaf Book Group Press. Our initial print runs are large, and our distribution strategy is aggressive. To support this sales strategy, GBG Press authors typically bring mature platforms, expansive demand-generation plans, and books published within genres that have strong retail sales records.

River Grove Books

River Grove Books is a digital-first imprint devoted to projects with strong niche market potential or very aggressive speed-to-market requirements. River Grove titles are primarily sold online rather than in brick and mortar bookstores.

An Inc. Original

Greenleaf Book Group partnered with Inc. magazine to form An Inc. Original, the book publishing arm of Inc. magazine.

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To have your existing title considered for Greenleaf’s distribution program, please submit your information here.