30 Ways Managers Shoot Themselves in the Foot and How to Avoid Them

Bill Lee

Whether you are a veteran manager or just received your first management position, you naturally want to do well. All managers desire to excel, yet so many struggle. But one thing is for sure: just about all managers Shoot Themselves in the Foot from time to time some, of course, more than others because they violate one or more of the management no-nos included in this book.

In his consulting practice, the author has worked with literally hundreds of managers to identify ways they can improve their overall performance and that of the people they manage. By first recognizing and then avoiding the ways managers Shoot Themselves in the Foot, any manager will manage more effectively. Many managers report more positive results almost immediately. You're certain to relate to Bill Lee's straightforward writing style, which puts sometimes difficult-to-understand business principles into everyday terminology thats easy to understand and to implement in your organization.

Bill Lee is the founder of Lee Resources, Inc., a South Carolina-based consulting and training organization. At Lee Resources, Bill works with owners and managers to enhance organizational productivity and with salespeople to improve sales and gross margin. He has over 35 years of experience as a salesperson, sales manager, general manager, consultant and speaker.