The Tools You Need for the Life You Want at Work and Home

Gary Bradt

“It is not the change in our lives, but how we choose to respond, that makes all the difference.”

How do you deal with nonstop change at work? Leading others through change? Personal loss? How do you cope with a sudden and unexpected shift in your life, at work or at home? Change can be hard.

Author Gary Bradt can help. In this book, he weaves relatable stories with nine practical tools to help you manage the change in your life. With strategic advice like keeping a ToWho list and empathetic guidance about when to let go or latch on, Change explores Bradt’s proven secrets for turning adversity into opportunity. Learn how to adapt and advance whenever change hits and turns your life upside down.

When Gary Bradt’s first child was born with a life-threatening heart condition, it forced him to learn to adapt to difficult and unwanted change. He has since gone on to dedicate his career to helping others adapt to change in their lives too, both at work and at home. A clinical psychologist, Gary got his start as a speaker on change when Dr. Spencer Johnson chose him to be the leading speaker worldwide for Johnson’s phenomenal best seller Who Moved My Cheese? Gary has since shared his message over 300 times for organizations like IBM, JP Morgan Chase, eBay and scores of others. Through his work as a speaker, writer, and psychologist, Gary hopes that perhaps others will come to discover as he has: That it is not the change in our lives, but how we choose to respond, that makes all the difference.