Engage to Win

A Blueprint for Success in the Engagement Economy

Steve Lucas
Engagement is the key to success for today’s businesses.

The world we live in is radically different today from what it was even just five years ago. It is hyperdigital and becoming more so every day. Ironically, we use connected to describe this new world, yet we are asked to interact increasingly through apps and browsers instead of via face-to-face contact with customers and clients. Even with all the incredible advances, it’s worth pondering whether organizations actually feel more connected with the people and the companies they do business with.

In Engage to Win, author Steve Lucas introduces a new model for marketing to address this new hyperdigital world—one founded on engagement. He introduces the idea that embracing and driving engagement throughout organizations and using it with customers, prospects, employees, and partners is what will set companies apart. This digital era demands that marketers understand the science of marketing in order to scale and succeed. But if we embrace mathematics alone, while abandoning feeling, meaning, and authenticity, we will fail to deliver on the desires of our clients: to feel listened to and understood.

So how do we win the heart and mind of the buyer in this new world? Develop a real strategy around engagement by practicing these simple steps: Listen, learn, and engage. Listening creates insights, insights drive engagement, and engagement drives revenue. Truly engaging with customers will allow businesses to see, in real-time, when their wants and needs are changing, so they will be able to adapt, survive, and ultimately thrive!

Steve Lucas is chief executive officer at Marketo. He has a wealth of enterprise software experience, having held senior leadership positions at Microsoft, Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, Salesforce, and, most recently, SAP. Steve began his career in field marketing and quickly expanded his responsibilities into a general manager role. He is a former member of the board of directors of Sendgrid, TiVo, and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and holds a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Colorado.