Experience My Brand

How Successful Companies Develop Loyal Customers and Increase Profits

Joe Tawfik

Author Joe Tawfik presents an assured collection of valuable insights in Experience My Brand that are based on his 25-plus years in senior management. His expertise as CEO of business services companies in particular underlies his assertion that to differentiate itself in the age of digital disruption, a company must make branded customer experience part of its corporate strategy. Rather than relegate customer experience management to any one department, such as marketing, it must become “embedded within a company’s DNA.”

You will learn through detailed analysis and real-world illustrations how to:

• Analyze, Design, and Measure Customer Experience

• Implement Superior Customer Experience Initiatives

• Consider how Customer Experience Will Change and Transform the Future

With its plentiful tables and figures to complement his text, Experience My Brand puts theory into practice in a way that will keep you alert and engaged. Experience My Brand’s unique message makes it a must-have guide for senior managers and their teams who seek to strengthen this critical aspect of their businesses as well as anybody wanting to learn about this increasingly important field.

Joe Tawfik has over 25 years of senior management experience with 16 years as international CEO of business services companies. With over 10 start-ups under his belt Joe managed to lead and grow these companies using many of the customer experience strategies outlined in the book. Having worked with a number of blue chip clients, such as, Motorola, Vodafone, VIVA Telecom, Nissan Motors, ING, and Air France, Joe harnessed best practices across a multitude of different industries. His knowledge and experience, gained in Australia, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, give him a unique perspective on the issues that really matter when it comes to executing a successful business plan that leads to growing and sustainable profits in the age of digital disruption