Fresh Notes on Customer Service

Treat the Employee as #1 and the Customer as #2 and You Will Get Customers for Life

Michael D. Brown & Michael D Brown
Gain a competitive edge in your business by providing world-class customer service!
The importance of superior customer service in today’s global economy cannot be understated. In Fresh Notes on Customer Service, author Michael D. Brown challenges the way businesses approach customer service by introducing a revolutionary idea: Treat the employee as #1 and the customer as #2 and customer satisfaction will increase exponentially—along with your bottom line. 

A short, no-fluff handbook for those seeking to reinvigorate their workforce, Fresh Notes includes brief self-assessment surveys to help readers clarify their current customer service approach and offers valuable advice tailored specifically toward their needs. By following Brown’s 6.5 straightforward and easily implemented tips for achieving Fresh Customer Service—including “bubble-up innovation” and “smart tasking”—business leaders can change the work culture for the better by empowering their employees and giving them the tools they need to succeed. 

Employees today are being asked to provide world-class customer service with their hands tied behind their backs. Take steps to equip them with competitive, fresh processes and witness the unleashing of their power to satisfy the customers with world-class customer service!

Michael D. Brown is a sought-after speaker, management expert, and author of Fresh Customer Service®: Treat the Employee as #1 and the Customer as #2 and You Will Get Customers for Life. He has over eighteen years of experience helping companies and individuals achieve results and has held numerous leadership positions at Fortune Global 100 Companies. Michael is a leading authority on fresh results and has motivated and helped hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs create and deliver a competitive personal brand that yields exponential personal and professional success.