Fresh Notes On Personal Branding

Get a Brand or Die a Generic

Michael D. Brown & Michael D Brown
Life’s too short to stay “generic”: Build your personal brand and your career will change for the better!
In today’s hyper-competitive world of business, individuals must differentiate themselves in order to stand out and stay on top. Author Michael D. Brown’s Fresh Notes on Personal Branding provides readers with the tools and strategies to do just that. By following the book’s easy-to-use framework, readers will be able to build a successful brand for themselves that can lead to exponential personal, professional, and economic success as a competitive and “Fresh” employee, leader, or entrepreneur. 

Using Brown’s “Fresh PASSION” methodology, this short guidebook outlines the core components of brand-building—including “Preparation”, “Staying laser focused”, and “Omitting the Negative”—and provides valuable tips on how to successfully integrate these components into readers’ daily lives. Brief self-assessments following each section allow readers a chance to reflect on their own journey towards becoming a personal brand and identify areas of improvement. 

Those who choose not to utilize their fullest potential run the risk of becoming viewed as “generic”. Fresh Notes helps readers avoid this fate by encouraging them to approach their professional lives with a fresh and proactive mindset.

Michael D. Brown is a sought-after speaker, management expert, and author of Fresh Customer Service®: Treat the Employee as #1 and the Customer as #2 and You Will Get Customers for Life. He has over eighteen years of experience helping companies and individuals achieve results and has held numerous leadership positions at Fortune Global 100 Companies. Michael is a leading authority on fresh results and has motivated and helped hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs create and deliver a competitive personal brand that yields exponential personal and professional success.