I Just Lost My Job. Now What?

A Guide to Financial Survival After Losing Your Job

David L. Blaydes

A Wealth of Information

David L. Blaydes, author and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a Masters in Financial Planning, offers the recently terminated employee a valuable resource: a must-read guide to financial survival after losing your job. Using road signs as metaphors for navigating the financial bumps in the unemployment road, Blaydes guides you through every stage of financial planning necessary during this stressful period.

In I Just Lost My Job. Now What? you will learn how to avoid the top ten money management mistakes, where to turn for money when you need it most, and how to reduce your cash flow. Along the way, Blaydes offers tips and guidance while sharing how you can avoid making short-term financial mistakes that could have disastrous long-term financial consequences.

David Blaydes is the founder and CEO of Retirement Planners International, Inc., (RPI) and has been successfully engaged in the financial planning industry since 1977. He specializes in working with terminated employees and outplacement firms. He uses his skills and expertise to guide people through stressful financial and emotional times while offering sound financial survival strategies.

David L. Blaydes, MS, CFP®, RFC®, AIF®, is the founder and CEO of RPI. Mr. Blaydes has specialized in job transition planning and has assisted outplacement firms on a national basis for over 25 years. He worked with many Fortune 500 companies during periods of downsizing and uses his experience, education, and credentials to guide people during these stressful periods of transition while offering financial survival strategies and emotional reassurances. David lives in Naperville, IL, with his wife Susan and family.