It's All About Judgment

The 6 Undeniable Truths that Lead to Professional and Personal Success

Barry W. Hull

Understand Judgment and Succeed

Most people don’t truly understand judgment or how it impacts their success. In It’s All About Judgment, CDR Barry W. Hull, using data from hundreds of thousands of judgment assessments administered through his consulting firm and drawing upon his experience as a US Navy F/A-18 combat fight pilot, reveals the six irrefutable truths that lead to success—and they are not what you might expect.

No one ever says, “I think I’ll use bad judgment today and ruin my life.” Yet, people often make decisions and choices that lead to their downfall, or possibly even to their death, or perhaps simply to a life less well lived. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Judgment is neither abstract nor arbitrary; it can be measured, understood, and improved. Judgment has specific components and a defined structure. There are three specific components of judgment that we must develop and use in order to make good decisions and be successful, and there are three main detriments to judgment that we must avoid. These six truths will help you improve your judgment and succeed.

Poor judgment is not written in stone. Judgment can always be improved upon–dreams and goals can be fulfilled. It’s All About Judgment shows you how.