New Directions

Successful Strategies for Career, the Workplace, and Personal Growth

James G. Ward
Careers don’t just happen.
Our definition of career and how we approach the workplace have undergone a profound paradigm shift. In the modern economy, career transitions are common: Layoffs, changes in management, corporate downsizing, mergers, restructuring—even a difficult boss—can all lead to a new job or even a completely new line of work. What do you do when you have to find some new direction?

Managing a long career is hard work, but author James Ward offers a practical career toolbox, full of strategies for success at every career stage, including

• How to choose and plan your career path
• How to handle career transitions
• How to find a job
• How to succeed once you’re hired
• How to create a strategy for the future

Ward turns his thirty years of professional coaching and HR experience, firsthand observations of a changing business landscape, into actionable career strategies. It’s critical that you be willing and able to transition into a new job—sometimes into a new career. New Directions provides the tools necessary to excel in today’s shifting professional world.

Jim Ward, MA, PCC, is a seasoned human resources executive and professional coach with over twenty-five years’ experience working with individuals and corporations to solve their business and human capital issues. Having had the benefit of living and working in Asia for many years during his corporate career, Jim understands the importance of diversity, cultural sensitivity, and globalization. He has a master’s degree in human resource management and completed the Columbia Coaching Certificate Program at Columbia University. His company, New Directions Consulting, provides coaching and human capital strategies to corporations and individuals. He lives in Southern California and is married with two adult sons. In his spare time he is a recreational triathlete (albeit a slow one). He can be reached at or at