• January 9, 2018
  • Self-Help
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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781632991669
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Shift Up!

Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living

DeAnna Murphy

A Shift Up!

Have you ever wondered why you feel stuck or keep experiencing the same frustrations over and over? Are you wanting to experience a Shift Up! from depleting and draining relationships so you can live in high energy and performance every day?

Life-Changing Strategies. The authors of Shift Up! and the thought leader team of People Acuity™, a Minnesota-based Strengths Strategy® company understand that you cannot grow by focusing on your weaknesses. Knowing your strengths will never lead to living and working in optimal ways, but knowing and using effective Strengths Strategies will.

In her debut book, DeAnna shares some of the most successful Strengths Strategies that she and her colleagues developed and implemented with thousands of people across the globe. The strategies in this book are truly transformational.

Positive Effects. As you start applying each strategy, you’ll experience a Shift Up! and:

• know the power of enhanced relationships

• experience the excitement of being fully committed to your work and your life

• feel the joy of deeper fulfillment and purpose in your personal life and in your work

• watch your performance rise

• gain the ability to intelligently influence others to join you

Optimal Energy, Performance, and Relationships. Your greatest fulfillment and most outstanding performance have the same common root: the ability to apply your strengths to make a difference. With practice, you’ll find these Strengths Strategies accelerate your energy, performance, and relationships, enabling you to excel in all life areas and become the very best you that you are capable of being.

DeAnna Murphy, BS, MS is the founder/CEO of Strengths Strategy® Inc. and its affiliate, People Acuity™, which has attracted over 300 partners in 33 countries. DeAnna is known for being a master at co-creating solutions to people problems and designing leading-edge transformational tools, content, strategies, and resources that are relevant to real-life challenges. She is also a highly sought-after coach, facilitator, and speaker and has presented internationally at multiple conferences, always delivering top-rated experiences. Over the past twenty-two years of leadership consulting, DeAnna has developed a stalwart reputation for being a driver of engagement, productivity, and individual/team performance.