• August 8, 2017
  • Religion
  • USD $14.95
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781632991317
  • Trim: 5in × 8in

The Cross and its Meaninglessness

A Prayer of Final Obsolescence

Timothy John Tracy

Forget everything you’ve ever thought (or been taught) about the Crucifixion.

Most Christians believe we know all there is to know about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its symbolism. We’ve learned about it in Sunday schools, catechism classes, church services, and even in our exposure to religious painting and sculpture. But what you don’t know is going to surprise you. In The Cross and Its Meaninglessness, Timothy John Tracy has taken thousands of years of Christian religious doctrine surrounding the Crucifixion and turned it on its head.

Tracy questions the accepted meaning of Jesus Christ’s death and dares to suggest that the traditional explanation of God’s sacrifice of his only son is misguided. He rejects the notion that mankind’s salvation could only be earned by appeasing a violent God’s blood lust. Tracy proclaims that a true understanding of God’s all-loving nature negates the need for Jesus’s murder. His unique, eloquent “prayer” will make you wonder about and question your suppositions. In this powerful meditation, Tracy asks us to open our heart and listen to his plea.

Doing so may inspire a faith deeper than you’ve ever known.