The Moonshot Effect

Disrupting Business as Usual

Kate Purmal, Lisa Goldman & Anne Janzer
What’s the best way to transform teams, elevate leaders and catapult careers? Launch a Moonshot — a game-changing project that disrupts business as usual. Drawing on the seminal 1961 Moonshot story of President Kennedy as well as real-life stories from the authors’ work, The Moonshot Effect steps you through the elements of a successful moonshot, from assembling a high performance team, selling your vision and executing the plan. The Moonshot Effect is a must-read for leaders and includes 24 critical practices that are not only essential to leading and managing a successful moonshot, but can benefit executives and entrepreneurs on a daily basis. With Lisa and Kate as your guides, you'll be ready to launch your own moonshot.

Kate Purmal and Lisa Goldman were members of extraordinary moonshot teams early in their careers and have since inspired, led or guided countless moonshot projects. Today, they speak and write about the power of moonshots and challenge CEOs, leaders and their teams to launch projects that will transform their businesses and careers.
Lisa Goldman is an international management consultant, author, and educator. Known for her keen insights and ability to cut through the noise, Lisa has consulted with top executives at organizations ranging from global powerhouses to emerging startups.

Lisa knows how to get the most out of teams, whether it’s 20 people or 2,000. She does this by asking the right questions, encouraging participation and coaching her clients to achieve breakthroughs. For many high performance teams, Lisa is the secret sauce who helps them clarify and achieve their goals.

Kate Purmal has spent her career in startups and thrives on the fast-paced, rapid-fire environment that characterizes these emerging companies. Kate relishes tackling the challenges that come with trying to unseat competitors and own markets, all under the time and money constraints typical of startups.

Kate has sat in your seat and knows the challenges CEOs face. An accomplished C-level executive herself, she now focuses on bringing out the brilliance in others. With her firm belief that most executives can become visionary leaders, Kate has mastered the art of inspiring executives and teams to accomplish the extraordinary while she holds their feet to the fire.

Anne Janzer is author of the books The Writer's Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear and Subscription Marketing. As a writer and marketing consultant, she has worked with more than one hundred technology businesses, from industry giants to innovative start-ups. In addition to her own blog at, she regularly contributes to technology, marketing, and writing blogs. She is a graduate of Stanford University.