• October 1, 2017
  • Fiction
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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781935375067
  • Trim: 5.25in × 8in

The Third Woe

Book Two of the Third Peril Trilogy

L.P. Hoffman
The second book of a modern-day, epic-suspense trilogy about faith and providence in times of cultural upheaval and national insecurity.

Much has changed in the nearly six-and-one-half years since the Third Peril struck at the very heart of America. A new worldview has the president taking the USA in a different direction. Imagine a surprising paradigm for a counter-culture movement. People are supporting nationalism over globalism, espousing freedom of religion instead of political correctness, advocating for truth and justice over victimhood. It's an upside down world. What was formerly the moral majority—those who value faith, liberty, and self-determination—is now in the minority and fighting for their rights. In The Third Woe, a small cadre of people are beginning to rethink all the "progress" that has been foisted upon the populace since the war. But, which vision for America will prevail?

From her Grandfather’s tales about Buffalo Bill to the mystique of the West, L. P. Hoffman’s imagination was primed at an early age. In her transient childhood, she experienced the dark side of Caribbean culture and survived war in the Middle East. As an adult, the author has traveled the world and moved among Washington insiders. L. P. Hoffman values unique perspectives and believes that culturally relevant stories born of experience are the ones best told.