Wealth Redefined

Charting the Way to Personal and Financial Freedom

Bob Reby

Wealth Is More than Money

For most people, the word wealth conjures images of material possessions and luxury: fancy jewelry, exotic automobiles, opulent living quarters, and vacations in Southern France. To become wealthy is the pinnacle of the iconic American Dream. When you can afford the best of everything you want, you get to live happily ever after . . .

That may be the traditional vision of wealth, but it is not most people’s experience.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, author Bob Reby explores the idea that wealth means different things to different people. Your health, relationships, and family are all components of wealth, and your financial plan should be in line with those values. Wealth Redefined will help you find your unique version of financial independence and live happily ever after.