How We Successfully Marketed our CEO’s New Book, Ideas, Influence, and Income

When Greenleaf’s CEO, Tanya Hall, published her book, Ideas, Influence, and Income, our marketing team treated the launch just as we would any other Greenleaf book. We discussed goals, expectations, budget, and timeline and developed a marketing strategy that we felt set the book up for success.

Outlined below are the four primary focuses of the book launch strategy—discoverability, network outreach, book seeding, and advertising—along with links to more in depth information on each component.


  1. Developed author website to establish expertise and offer readers additional resources (read more at 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Author Website)
  2. Activated book preview features on retailer sites to increase book discoverability and offer readers an opportunity to preview the book content (read more at The Power of the Preview)
  3. Activated Author Central to claim additional Amazon real estate
  4. Selected Amazon categories and keywords to increase book discoverability and reach readers in the book’s target audience (read more at Amazon Author Central and Optimization)
  5. Developed Amazon A+ content to add visual interest and SEO strength to the Amazon book page

Network Outreach and Promotion

  1. Secured Endorsements to add clout to book and utilize in marketing efforts (read more at Securing Endorsements)
  2. Developed author newsletter to connect with readers, get them excited about the book launch, and offer exclusive content (read more at Your Newsletter: The Golden Ticket)
  3. Social media promotion to create pre-publication buzz, amplify book messaging, and engage with the book’s target audience (read more at Building & Engaging Your Social Community)

Book Seeding and Consumer Reviews

  1. Made the book available to the NetGalley community for reviews and early reader feedback
  2. Seeded nearly 100 ebooks with the Goodreads community through giveaways to encourage reader reviews (read more at Getting More From Goodreads Winners)

Targeted Advertising

  1. Launched Amazon Targeted Advertising at publication to reach target buyers as close to the point of purchase as possible
  2. Partnered with airport bookstores to feature the book in major airports across the United States (read more directly from Tanya at The Inside Scoop on Selling Your Book in Airport Bookstores)